Join us at Nectandra

Join us at Nectandra

to experience Serendips!

What is a serendip?

…..a chance encounter, an unexpected discovery, a happy accident, a startling fluke, an unforeseen experience, a fortuitous involvement, an unintended contact, a sudden insight, and so many more . . .

Serendips challenge our mind’s readiness for discovery. They often give no warning, and do not advertise. Our ability to detect and experience them rests on our mind’s readiness and alertness.

Cigar-sized caterpillar of Automeris moth

Just as all irrepressible children with their memorable discoveries, we at Nectandra want to share the excitement of our numerous serendips with the family members, friends and anyone who share our love for Nature and her profoundly beautiful living creations.

Starting this August, we will post any unusual findings and observations on subjects of tropical nature in general, and of cloud forest in specific with readers of our blog The articles will be short and entertaining (we hope) and definitely informational.  Please subscribe to register your interest in becoming a Serendipper at Nectandra — the realm of furry plants and mossy animals .

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